Silhouette Wedding Photograph


You spend months, sometimes years planning your wedding and as spectacular as it may be, it’ll be over before you know it and all that’ll be left to enjoy is the memories of the day, many of which will be in the form of photographs.

The wedding photographer is usually one of the first things couples decide on when planning their big day and it is so important to choose the right one. You want your pictures to perfectly capture what this special event was all about and it’s up to your photographer to do that, so you need to do your research and choose wisely.

If you’ve reached the point in your wedding planning journey where you’re picking a photographer, have a read of top tips on how to pick a wedding photographer that is right for you and ensure you get the best pictures on your big day.


Why is a Good Wedding Photographer Important?


If you’re trying to reign back the budget and are thinking that your photographer could be a good place to save some cash, we’re here to warn you that your pictures of the day are not something you want to jeopardise!

Your pictures truly are all you’ll have left to look back on in years to come and if they’re not taken well, they won’t bring you that same joy that stunning wedding snaps will, so it’s one element of your big day that is well worth investing in.


How to Pick the Right Photographer for You


There are two key things to think about when choosing the right wedding photographer for your big day and that’s their personality and their ability and if you can find someone with both, you’ll be guaranteed great photos.

Mark from Slice of Pie Photography, a wedding photography company run by Mark and wife, Laura, told us how the key to finding the right photographer is to find someone ‘you gel with’. He told us how he feels it’s important for the couple to connect with the photographer and vice versa because if you can become more like friends, you’re going to be much more relaxed and the pictures will look far better.

When it comes to finding a photographer with the best talent to snap your wedding pictures, Mark from Envision Images, an international photography business, described how ‘not all photographers have the same level of ability’ and that this will dictate the images you get in the end. Mark told us how a cheap deal with your wedding photographer isn’t always as good as it may seem and that this could actually be a sign that they’re not insured or as qualified as others and this can lead to substandard pictures on your big day!


Top Tips for Spotting a Great Wedding Photographer


So, we know we need a perfect mix of personality and ability but what are the top things you can look for to spot a great, trustworthy photographer?

Mark from Envision Images explained how the best way to pick out a good photographer is that they’ll have either a second photographer or assistant with them to get the perfect lighting and ideal shots and Mark and Laura from Slice of Pie Photography back this up.

They told us how Laura will take charge of photographing the getting ready and pre-ceremony shots of the bridal party while Mark will stick with the groom and his party to ensure everyone is comfortable and they get the right shots for not just the couple as a pair but for the bride and groom as individuals.

Mark at Envision also highlighted that a photographers willingness to share their past work with you is a great test of how professional they really are. Any good wedding photographer will be more than happy to take the time to show you their work and not just a couple of shots and that’s a great way to be sure they’re right for you.


What Style of Photography is Right for Your Day?


Weddings have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years with every couple’s day differing and one of the main things to modernise and evolve in the wedding world is the photography.

Although the classic images are still popular, more and more people are mixing things up and having their wedding pictures taken in more modern and creative ways but if you ask Mark from Slice of Pie, it’s all about your personality.

He told us how your photos should reflect who you are as a couple and what you’re like and that by letting your personality shine through, that’s how you’ll get the best photographs to cherish.


Photograph of bride facing away.



If you’re the bride who wants everything planned to perfection, including the photographs you definitely want taking, Mark from Envision Images highlights the following snaps as his top three to capture of every couple: the groom seeing his bride for the first time, the first kiss and a candid/natural shot of the couple together, whenever this may be.


Things to Tell Your Photographer Before the Main Event


You want your photographs to be as stunning as you imagined and we can understand why, so if you want to ensure your wedding pictures are all the best they can be, there are a few things you might want to brief your photographer on before the big day.

Mark from Envision explained how he likes to receive a list of the group shots the couple want taking before the day as although the bride and groom are up for a proper photoshoot, your guests may not be, so knowing in advance what staged shots need to be taken helps to get the best results for these pictures.


Overhead shot of married couple.


As for the duo at Slice of Pie Photography, Mark and Laura told us how they do a pre-wedding shoot to get more comfortable with the couple and learn a little more about what they want on the day but Mark expressed that although you can set out a few shots you definitely want, going with the flow on the day is usually how him and wife Laura get those extra special snaps you could never have planned.

Our number one top tip for ensuring wedding photo success would be to do your research into the photographers in your area and once you’ve found the right one, put your trust in them and go with the flow, they’ll do all they can to ensure you get the pictures you’ve dreamt of.

If you’re looking for a Cheshire wedding photographer and are keen to contact either Slice of Pie Photography or Envision Images to shoot your big day, you can reach them via their websites or check them out on Instagram to see what they’ve been up to lately, @sliceofpiephoto and @envision4images.

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