When it comes to your big day, every bride wants beautiful looking skin. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with it and some of us have to work a little harder to get it but it is possible to achieve fresh, glowing skin for your special day, no matter what your skin is usually like.

We’ve picked out some great products and pulled together some top tips to help increase your chances of having clear, healthy looking skin in time for walking down the aisle.


The first and most basic step for beautifully glowing skin is to ensure you’ve got clean skin. If you’ve got old makeup or excess dirt on your face then your skin will never look dewy and healthy like you hoped, so make sure you’re cleansing your skin every morning and night and removing your makeup properly.

Different types of cleansers work for different people, so we’d recommend reading up on the best ones for your skin type but our top tip would be to start this research well in advance of your big day, as you want to be using a cleanser that agrees with you for a good couple of months before your wedding date.

Top Tip: Use a clean muslin or face cloth every time you wash your face, otherwise you risk putting the old dirt back on to your clean skin!


When it comes to smoothing your skin texture and refining the appearance of your skin, exfoliating is an essential step.

Exfoliating the skin can be done with physical exfoliators which are usually gels or creams with little beads or bits in that add texture to the consistency and physically scrub the skin or you could use a chemical exfoliant which is a liquid that contains acids that are safe for use on skin but help peel away the dry skin and refine the texture.

This is another product that is down to personal preference but one scrub that comes highly recommended from salon skincare professionals, BeautyFlash, is the Decléor Life Radiance Double Radiance Scrub. Decléor is a skincare brand found in many salons and spas around the UK, demonstrating how the products from this brand are trusted to do the job.

The Life Radiance Double Radiance scrub is a two in one scrub and moisture mask removes dead skin cells and revives skin’s radiance using three different kinds of exfoliating particles for a smooth, soft, refreshed finish.

This physical scrub is suitable for all skin types aside from extremely sensitive skin, meaning it’s a good choice for all but if you’d prefer to try chemical exfoliants, be careful if you have delicate skin as these kinds of products can be intense.


Every lady loves a face mask. They’re the perfect way to pamper yourself, especially the night before your wedding but if you want to use face masks to get your skin looking as good as possible before your big day, then a charcoal mask could be the answer.

Charcoal face masks may look like some kind of beauty craze you’ve seen online but these products have genuine benefits that could give you the glowing skin you want for your special day! Charcoal is an ingredient that can detoxify and purify skin; it has the ability to de-clog pores, remove toxins from the skin and rebalance the oils in your skin, making for all round better complexion.

The Procoal Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask combines charcoal with 3 different kinds of clay to absorb excess natural oils, clear pores and reduce blackheads, all whilst being free of parabens, silicones, paraffins and being cruelty-free.

Products like this mask are an essential in your skincare in the run up to your big day if you want a smooth, refreshed glow!


Arguably one of the easiest steps for achieving an instant glow, choosing the right moisturiser or facial oil is a nearly guaranteed way to get dewy skin in seconds.

There’s a lot of highly rated moisturisers out there from the likes of Elemis, Shiseido and Estee Lauder that people simply love but when it comes to face oils, we’ve got a skincare secret weapon we think every woman needs to know about.

Angela Langford turned her love for cooking into more of a career when she made it through to the semi-finals of Masterchef in 2013 but now she’s turned her attention away from cooking up food to creating wonderful skincare.

Angela’s passion for great ingredients is what fuelled her to take making skincare so seriously. Every product purchased from the Angela Langford natural skincare brand is made by hand, by Angela, ensuring the same high quality in every batch.

Angela’s Bloom & Glow face oil comes in a 15ml bottle and is made using chia seed and sea buckthorn to reduce inflammation and restore glow, promising to deliver a beautiful glow with every use. It’s not just the customers that use this product that love it but Good Housekeeping UK too. When tested in the 2018 trials for the best face oil, Bloom & Glow came out on top, going through rigorous testing on humans and in the lab, resulting in this product now being Good Housekeeping’s favourite face oil for 2018!

You can either apply one or two drops of this product alone to clean skin or mix with your moisturiser to boost its intensity for extra glow and by doing this, you’ll thicken your moisturiser and make it super nourishing!

We truly think the above routine is the ultimate recipe for beautifully glowing skin for your big day but don’t forget, happiness gives off real radiance, so clear skin or not, you’ll still look stunning on your special day.

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