For many brides, the dresses their maids wear are just as important as the one they’ll be wearing themselves. Being able to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress is essential which is why if you choose to get your bridesmaid dresses from Maria Modes, we can promise you that our selection will have exactly what you’re looking for.

The majority of our bridesmaid dresses are from the Mori Lee collection and we have over 50 different bridesmaid dresses available for you to try on, view in our sample book or order but that’s not where your options end.

As well as having a vast selection of different styles, each dress is also available to order in a whole array of different colours, including over 30 different shades of chiffon and satin and 8 different lace colours, hence we’re confident that we’ve got the perfect dress to match every bride’s brief.


The Colour Palette


As we’ve already mentioned, your options are far from limited when it comes to colours with the Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses, so allow us to introduce you to just some of the shades available.

The majority of our range of Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses are made with either chiffon or satin fabrics, meaning they can be made in any of over 30 different colours, including a selection of neutrals, darks and brights to work with every colour scheme and brides’ vision.

In store, you can view fabric samples for all the colours that give you a true idea of what these shades look like in real life but to give you an idea, these are the colours currently available in satin and chiffon:


It’s worth noting that dresses made from lace or embellished fabrics are available in a different and usually slightly smaller selection of colours but the majority of dresses from the Mori Lee range we stock are satin or chiffon gowns meaning you can, therefore, take full advantage of the vast selection of shades available.

Mori Lee bring out new bridesmaid dresses and therefore new colours twice a year, meaning our stock is ever changing to suit the season and current trends but in general, some of our best-selling shades include Silver, Cornflower, Desert Rose and Bordeaux but with the constant stream of new gowns, the most popular colours are always changing.

Buying Bridesmaid Dresses at Maria Modes


Finding the Dress


When it comes to the shopping process for bridesmaid dresses at Maria Modes, it’s very similar to how we go about helping brides find their own dress for the big day, just with more ladies to get fitted!

Our sample book is a key part of helping bridal parties find the perfect bridesmaid dress as it shows every dress we can order and all the colours it’s available in because as much as we think we have a broad selection in our showroom for you to try on, we can’t house every dress in every colour, so our big book of dresses helps you to explore all your options.

We have most dress styles in store, just not in every colour, meaning you can see how the style will look and then order in your chosen colour and this also applies for sizes. We have different dresses in different sizes, so everyone gets to try something on but we may have to pin dresses when you try them on, so you can get a better idea of how it will look but we will measure every woman before ordering to help choose the best size.


Ordering the Dress


Mori Lee require a fair bit of notice for ordering bridesmaid dresses, so we ask that you give us a minimum of 4-months to get them ordered and back in store but if that isn’t possible, for a £20 surcharge per gown, we can have them rush cut and back in store in 8 weeks.

As with our bridal gowns, we take a 50% deposit when you order and the rest of the payment is to be made as soon as the dresses arrive in store. We’ll get in contact when your dresses come in store and will invite you to come in to try them on, if any alterations need making at this point, we can recommend a number of local seamstresses who will be happy to help you make any adjustments.

We can also order extra fabric in to match the dresses if it is required for alterations or if you want it making into sashes for flower girls or to be used in other ways on your big day.


Sizing and Alterations 


When it comes to sizing, the smallest size we can order is a UK 2, so if you need a dress for a younger or smaller bridesmaid, we would recommend ordering that size and altering accordingly.

We know how important bridesmaid dresses are to your big day which is why we’ve ensured you’ve got as many options as possible when it comes to picking these extra special gowns.

If you want to come and explore our selection of bridesmaid dresses in store, you can either pop in for a look around or book an appointment to try some on by calling 01625 502502 or emailing and we can arrange a time for you to come and see us.