If you’re planning on tying the knot in late summer, your honeymoon is probably going to fall in autumn/winter which can make it a little harder to decide where to go.

When you’re booking a holiday in Summer, it’s easy to pick a part of the world with guaranteed good weather but as the weather starts to get colder here in the UK, it will across other parts of the world too, meaning you may need to be a little more selective with where you choose to spend your honeymoon.  

We’re going to be sharing with you some of the top winter honeymoon destinations that are the ideal locations for a memorable holiday as newlyweds!




Kuoni are the experts at helping create tailormade luxury holidays and they recommend different destinations for different times of the year, allowing you to create your honeymoon dependent on the season you’ll be travelling in and according to them, October is the time to visit Australia.

Maybe not the most low budget honeymoon but a trip to Australia will certainly be something you’ll never forget. Australia is in full bloom at the start of Autumn, still getting the great weather that has long gone here in the UK but the star of the show in Australia at this time of year is the Great Barrier Reef.

This iconic attraction is at its prime in October with low rainfall, high temperatures and great visibility in the water, allowing for the optimum experience during your visit.


New York


Christmas in New York is something many people of dream of experiencing, so if you’re looking for a long haul honeymoon destination in November or December, New York is an ideal choice.

You might not get the sun and you’ll have to wrap up warm but the atmosphere in New York at Christmas time is unlike anything else you’ll ever experience and is seriously the definition of romantic. From the twinkling lights to the carol singers to the shops packed with Christmas gifts, there’s so much to do in NYC at this time of year.

We think it’s fair to say that winter is actually the best time to visit New York, so why not book your winter honeymoon there?




Romantic may not be the first word to come in to your mind when you think of Vietnam but Kuoni recommend visiting some of South East Asia’s hidden gems, like Vietnam, in December.

While the UK is in the full swing of winter weather, places like Vietnam are still getting stunning weather and Vietnam actually has a lot to offer honeymooners. As well as the history and culture that is interesting for any tourist, the beaches are picturesque and the waters are incredible, creating the perfect secluded escape to de-stress after the madness of wedding planning.


The Maldives


If you want to chill out and relax under the scorching hot winter sun, The Maldives is an ideal destination.

Still experiencing warm temperatures even in December and January, the Maldives will still be the home of clear blue water and calm, peaceful beaches right through winter, making it the perfect place to visit to top up your tan and enjoy time with your new husband or wife.

If you’re wanting destinations with similar weather and surroundings but with the addition of the vibrant Caribbean lifestyle, locations such as Cuba and St Lucia are ideal choices for relaxing beach holidays with the bonus of a super fun nightlife.


Sri Lanka


A popular honeymoon destination for all kinds of couples is Sri Lanka. There’s something to do for everyone, so whether you fancy visiting the elephants, meeting the locals whilst picking tea or just chilling out, Sri Lanka has all of that on offer and more.

Autumn and winter are actually the ideal times to visit Sri Lanka if you like the heat as day time temperatures still reach highs of 30 – 34 degrees whilst night time temperatures reach all time highs during these months, up to 30 degrees, making it a perfect choice for some winter sun!


South Africa


Known for its safaris, South Africa has so much to do from modernised towns to up close and personal experiences with the animals, you certainly won’t be bored on a visit to South Africa. From incredible golf resorts to more paired back outdoor living lodges, there’s so much to experience with your other half in this part of the world.

The weather works different in South Africa as they experience their lowest temperature during British summer time, meaning heading over there in autumn/winter should guarantee hotter temperature, predicted to be around 20 degrees in December and 22 degrees in January, ideal heats for people who don’t like it too hot but are after a little warmth during the winter months!




Definitely a destination where you’ll need to wrap up warm but if you want a winter honeymoon to remember with plenty of snow, Canada is the place for you.

A country that gets some of the most intense winters with temperatures as low as -15 degrees in the depths of the season but the cold temperatures are all part of the experience and Canada has so much to offer for newlyweds to do!

From cultural cities such as Toronto and Montreal to more rural locations that allow for wildlife viewing and of course, the unique opportunity to see Niagara Falls during the winter months, a very different experience to your usual visit, you’ll return home with so much to tell friends and family.




An obvious choice for a winter honeymoon is to go skiing, especially if you’re a couple who like to be out doing things on your holidays, opposed to lying on a sunbed.

Whether you choose Italy, France, Austria or go further afield like the USA for your ski holiday, if you’re on the hunt for an action packed winter honeymoon in the snow, then a ski holiday is the way to go.

Honeymooning in winter doesn’t have to mean wet weather and low temperatures; there’s still so much to see and do around the world during the winter months and somewhere in the world will always have some sun, you just have to pick the right place.

If you’re struggling to organise your honeymoon yourself, handing over the reigns to Kuoni could be the best option. Highly recommended by Maria Modes’ owners Emma and Jeff, Kuoni are the experts at tailor making the perfect honeymoon for you.