You’ve just got engaged, you’re raring to get going with planning the day of your dreams but there’s one slight stumbling block… money!

It’s a situation every couple faces when planning a wedding and pretty much every pair hoping to tie the knot will have to tighten their belts and save as hard as they can to achieve their dream wedding but it can be so hard to save when all you want to do is get spending on your special day!

We’re going to be sharing with you some top tips on how to save for your wedding as well as some great advice for how to not blow the budget whilst planning your wedding and with the help of this advice, you could be ready to start planning your big day in no time!


Make Putting Money Away Second Nature


If you’re at the very beginning of your wedding journey and need to build up some funds, so you can get started with the planning, the best thing you can do to put money away fast is to make it second nature.

Saving in dribs and drabs is the slowest way to save, you need to be putting away a set amount monthly and that way, you know exactly how much you’re saving and can easily predict how much you’ll have and when, making it easier to decide when you can get started with properly planning your wedding.

Creating a joint savings account for you and your fiancé means you can both easily transfer money to one place and as long as you can an instant/easy access account, you can get your money as soon as you want it!


Ask for Money Instead of Gifts


You may feel cheeky saying ‘money’ when asked what you want for your birthday or for Christmas but if your friends or family are asking what gift you’d like, they’re prepared to spend money on you and if they know your saving for your wedding, they’re bound to understand that you’d rather have money to add to your savings pot than gifts you maybe don’t need right now!

Asking for money instead of gifts for special occasions helps give your savings account a little unexpected boost and will get you closer to your target quicker.


Don’t Get Married on a Saturday


If you’re trying to save on your day as much as possible, one of the top ways to save on the costs of your special day according to Hitched, is to not get married on a Saturday.

It’s traditional, it’s convenient and there’s something about it that just feels right but getting married on a Saturday is highly popular for all those reasons and because of that, most venues will charge either a little or sometimes a lot extra on a Saturday, so if you’re trying to save where possible, maybe consider tying the knot on a different day!


Pick a Venue That Will Let Your Bring Your Own Suppliers


This tip requires a bit of maths to make sure you’re getting the best deal but it can work out cheaper to pick a venue and then bring in separate suppliers for different areas of the day.

If you choose a venue that demands you use their caterers, DJ and so on, they can increase the price to cover this whereas a venue that allows you to pick your own suppliers could work out cheaper as you’re in control of which suppliers you use and how much they cost.

Always break down the costs before confirming anything and work out how much extra a venue is charging you for the suppliers you have to have and how much it would cost to organise all of that yourself.


Shop Sample Dresses


A wedding saving hack we know plenty about is sample sale dresses and we can’t stress how good this tip is if you want a designer dress but don’t really have the budget for one.

Want to wear Pronovias down the aisle? What about Maggie Sottero? When we have our sample dress sales in store here at Maria Modes, we have dresses from both these designers and more available for a fraction of their original price and we even run a special event where if you pick a dress with hidden sixpence in it, your gown is going home with you free of charge!

There’s no better way to get a designer wedding dress for a discounted price than to shop sample dresses, so keep an eye out for these gowns in every bridal boutique you visit!

If you’re local to the Maria Modes showroom, don’t miss our next Sixpence Sample Sale starting 27th September 2018!


Bundle Savings at Maria Modes


A saving tip for our very own brides, did you know that when you buy your wedding gown from Maria Modes, you’ll then get 10% of menswear and bridesmaid dresses?

We understand that dressing everyone for the big day is a massive cost, so to give our brides and grooms to be a helping hand in looking good without breaking the bank, when you purchase either menswear or bridalwear for us, we can then offer you 10% off another service in store.

Every little saving you can make a long the way helps you to stick within budget and 10% off your suits, wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses is a massive saving!

It can feel impossible to save for your wedding day but with the help these handy tips, you could see yourself building up the funds to start planning in no time and saving yourself money on the day itself!

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