Wedding Gowns For Your Body Type


Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and although every lady is entitled to choose whatever dress she likes for her big day, there are certain styles that flatter different shapes more than others.

If you’re a confident woman who is happy to wear whatever style she wants then that’s great but if you’re a little more aware of which dress cuts suit your shape more, we’re going to be sharing with you our guide to picking the most flattering gown for your figure!


Straight Body Shape


If you’re the lady with a slim and straight body shape, you might find it difficult to choose dresses that give you a feminine shape, so the best choice for you is a classic princess gown.

Designed to have a fitted bodice, emphasised waist and then a full skirt, this style of gown gives the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure by creating a defined waist and giving the look of a wider hip thanks to the voluminous skirt.

A gown like the Cordelia dress by Maggie Sottero is a perfect example of a dress that will flatter a straight figure as it showcases all the signature features of a traditional princess wedding dress.


Pear Body Shape


A pear body shape is defined as a woman whose body is widest around the hips and upper legs but has a smaller top half, which means a fit and flare gown is the ideal choice for ladies of this shape.

A mermaid style dress has an elongated fitted bodice that usually extends down past the hips and flares into a voluminous skirt somewhere between the mid-thigh and just below the knee.

This shape is ideal for any lady who loves her curves and wants to show them off as the bodice will sit close to your frame and hug your silhouette, allowing you to showcase your figure at its best.

We have an extensive range of fit and flare gowns to suit all different styles but one of the newest to our range is the Maggie Sottero Veda dress which combines a lace applique covered bodice and dramatic ruffled skirt to create a stunning version of the ever-popular mermaid dress.


Hourglass Body Shape


The hourglass body shape is one of the most common and is where the width of the hips and the shoulders/bust are perfectly balanced, creating a smaller, more cinched in waistline.

This may seem like the dream body shape to dress but there are still a few key things to remember if you really want to show off this shape in the best way possible.

As the hips and bust are already considered to be perfectly balanced, you want to avoid overdressing these areas of the body or widening one and not the other as this could change the whole body shape and ruin that beautiful feminine silhouette. Strapless dresses with sweetheart necklines are ideal for this body shape as they’re minimalistic and let your natural shape do the talking.

A-line gowns are ideal for hourglass shaped ladies as they naturally come in at the waist to accentuate this part of the body and emphasise your shape and sit relatively close to the rest of your figure to show off your well-balanced curves.

 The Rebecca Ingram Mariah dress is a perfectly suited choice for a woman who wants to boast about her stunning hourglass figure on her big day. The soft A-line shape and subtle scooped neckline let your shape do all the work for you.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape


This may sound a bit technical to be a body shape but the ‘inverted triangle’ describes a figure where the shoulders, bust and upper body are noticeably wider than the lower body, creating the illusion of an upside down triangle.

This body shape can be a bit difficult to dress to create a balanced appearance but one of the key things to look for is a gown with lots of detail to soften the shoulders. Off the shoulder or halter neck gowns expose the shoulders and make them look wide and prominent but when you’re trying to balance out a triangular body shape, you want to make this part of the body more subtle.

Wide straps or V-shaped necklines change the dimensions of the upper body and make everything appear narrower, making it easier to make your hips seem as wide as your shoulders.

Opting for a wide skirt with plenty of volume that expands from the waist will give the illusion that you have a wider lower body that is creating the dramatic skirt, even if it is just material doing all the hard work for you!

The Meryl Lynette gown from Maggie Sottero has all of the above elements, making it an ideal choice for inverted triangle body shapes. The deep and dramatic v-shaped neckline narrows and elongates the upper body and the volume from the skirt creates a wider lower body.


Apple Body Shape


Referred to as either an ‘apple’ or oval body shape, this is when a woman’s figure is widest around the middle of the body, meaning the shoulders and hips are narrower than the bust and waistline.

This body shape can be difficult to dress, especially if you’re keen to draw attention away from your midsection but there are certain styles that can help with this.

The best way to emphasise the upper body to create more balance is to choose something with plenty of detail around the shoulders. Whether that be lace, embellishments or a dramatic neckline, any details that draw people’s eyes towards the shoulders will minimise the appearance of a wider waist.

Flowing fabrics are ideal for apple body shapes as they don’t take away from your silhouette or attempt to change it but simply work with the curves to create a flattering and flowing look. Chiffon fabrics which are soft and flexible are a perfect choice.

Although not the most common of features in wedding dresses, a gown that flares from just beneath the bust opposed to at the waist is one of the most flattering fits for this shape.

The Pronovias Orobia dress has a bold V-shaped neckline with lots of detailing and wide straps that draws your eyes to that portion of the body while the soft A-line skirt flows over the body creating a smooth silhouette.

Choosing your wedding gown is supposed to be a pleasurable and memorable experience, so don’t spend too much time focusing on your body shape and allow yourself to gravitate towards the dresses you simply love the most.

When you visit the Maria Modes showroom to try on dresses, our team are all experienced in fitting women of all shapes and sizes and will work with your personal preferences to recommend dresses that you’ll both love the style of and feel flattered in.

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