There are a lot of elements that bring your big day to life but we think it’s fair to say that your wedding flowers are one of the main things that add colour and vibrancy to both your ceremony and reception.

From your bouquet to your table decorations, flowers play a big part in your special day so choosing the right ones is an important job. Although we like to think of ourselves here at Maria Modes as the dress experts, we’re not the flower experts, so we’ve teamed up with one of the best local florists to provide you with the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect wedding flowers.


Picking the Right Flowers to Suit the Season

Most couples will choose to pick flowers that are considered seasonal and in the words of floral designer, Jacqui from Jacqui O, ‘seasonal wedding flowers are the best way to capture beauty, fragrance and atmosphere whatever time of year you choose to tie the knot’.

Jacqui is a floral designer based in Nantwich and works closely with brides and grooms to help them choose the perfect flowers for their special day. Whether they’re working to a specific colour palette, there are certain flowers they want to incorporate or they’re happy to give Jacqui free reign, she has the talent to bring their vision to life on the big day.

When it comes to seasonal flowers, Jacqui has given us some invaluable advice on what flowers work best for the four seasons:

Spring: When most of us think of spring flowers, our minds automatically turn to daffodils and although Jacqui highlighted to us that the humble daffodil does often make an appearance in spring bouquets, there’s more to this season than just that one flower.

Spring wedding flowers are all about delicate blooms and fragrant flowers, some of Jacqui’s favourites being Ranunculus, Hyacinth, Anemone and Rosemary, all of which work to create a beautiful green, yellow and white colour palette that is perfect for the season.

Summer: Jacqui expressed how summer was a little more flexible when it comes to florals – ‘during the summer months, there is an abundance of florals to choose from in every colour and wedding style to suit your vision…’, which we think makes this season a super exciting time to get married!

When it comes to the best types of flowers to choose during these warmer months, scented garden roses, peonies, grasses, Hydrangeas and sunflowers come highly recommended for a fresh and fragrant floral arrangement.

Autumn: For those of us who don’t know much about flowers, we often assume that choosing flowers gets a bit trickier as all the leaves start to fall from the trees and everywhere looks a bit barer but according to Jacqui, autumn is just a time for different colours and texture, ‘autumn is filled with russet tones of warm reds, yellows and browns as we watch the leaves fall from the trees’.

Jacqui recommends dahlias, grasses, greenery, oak, ivy and seed heads for a seasonal and colourful bouquet.

Winter: When we think of winter wedding flowers, we usually think of either white and red and according to Jacqui, they are the classic colour palettes for couples tying the knot in these cold months.

Favourite flowers for this season tend to include roses, spray roses, hypericum, thistle and foliage in crisp whites, bold reds and shiny metallics.


Benefits of Choosing Flowers That are ‘In Season’

So, now you know what flowers are in season and when, are there actually any benefits to choosing flowers that are considered ‘in season’?

Jacqui told us all about how seasonal flowers are usually the best quality available at the time, probably because they’re in their prime. As with anything that grows at certain times of the year, flowers are always at their best when grown in their optimum natural conditions, hence buying seasonal flowers will usually ensure a better product.

For those of you looking to plan a wedding on a budget, Jacqui also explained how choosing seasonal flowers can also save you money too as buying flowers that are growing naturally will usually be more readily available and therefore available for a lower cost.

To help couples pick the very best seasonal flowers all year round, Jacqui has launched her very own ‘British Blooms’ collection which features an array of fresh flowers grown in Cheshire, meaning she can source in-season flowers to suit all colour palettes, helping to provide the best quality whatever the weather.


Can You Get All Flowers All Year Round?

So, we now know that there are definite benefits to choosing flowers that are currently in season but is it possible to get any flower all year round or do the seasons limit what we can get our hands on?

Some couples have specific flowers they want to incorporate into their big day but if they’re not technically in season, what can you do?

Jacqui told us that although she loves British grown flowers, it is possible to source flowers from other parts of the world and she regularly sources stunning flowers from countries such as Portugal, Ecuador and Ireland.

Although it is possible to get hold of most flowers all year round, some flowers do only grow in certain parts of the world at certain times of year, so if you’re not in the right season, you won’t be able to get them, in which case Jacqui says this is the occasion when having a good, trusting relationship with your florist is essential.

If you trust your florist, you can tell them about your vision in terms of colour, fragrance and flower type and let them come to you with their ideas, which will usually feature seasonal flowers to give you the best quality and price.


So, Why are Flowers so Important to Weddings?

No one ever really questions whether they’re having flowers at their wedding, they’re just a must have that gets added to everybody’s ‘wedding planning to do list’ but why are flowers so important for weddings?

For those of us who aren’t professionals, flowers look beautiful and smell nice too but the reasons why Jacqui thinks flowers are a big part of weddings go a bit deeper:

Jacqui highlighted to us how flowers will create the ambience for your day, bring your venue to life, make your wedding photos better than you ever thought they could be and generally provoke a whole array of positive emotions to make your day feel filled with joy.

So there you have it, a complete guide to filling your wedding day with beautiful flowers that will transform this special occasion and make it the day you’ve always dreamt of.

Thank you again to Jacqui for helping us bring this advice to you, if you’re in need of beautiful flowers for your big day, be sure to check out her website or give her a call.