There’s no denying that planning your wedding is a mammoth task; there’s so much to think about, organise and execute, so it’s really no surprise that a lot of brides and grooms to be end up feeling massively stressed in the process.

Staying organised is key to keeping the wedding planning chaos in check, so we’re going to be sharing with you some wedding planning tips and tools that are guaranteed to make your life a lot easier and most of all, make sure planning your wedding is as enjoyable as you’d hoped.


Get a Wedding Planning Book


There’s a lot of note taking involved when you’re organising a wedding. From taking down contact details to prices, you want to make sure you’re writing down everything you hear along the way but keeping notes on scrap pieces of paper will only lead to disaster further down the line.

Having a dedicated wedding planning book will help you keep everything you need to know in one place, keeping everything perfectly organised. From your to do lists to appointments, contact details of your suppliers to all the invoices that need settling, you can keep everything written down in one place which is bound to help you keep on top.

Kerrie Mitchell decided there was no wedding planning books on the market that worked for her when she got married, so decided to make her own and it’s the perfect organisation accessory for brides to be. £18 gets you a beautiful wedding planner that is the perfect size for putting in your handbag and is filled with different pages to help organise different elements of the day and you also get a free downloadable spreadsheet you can use on your computer, keeping you extra organised!


Split Your Day into 5 Elements


When you first begin to plan out what you want for your wedding, it can be extremely overwhelming. It can feel like there’s so much to think about and above all, pay for, so when it comes to planning what you need to organise and budget for, event organising experts Victoria and Peter from PAVE London recommend you split the day into 5.

PAVE London are the organisers of creative events and have a lot of fun and vibrant weddings in their portfolio and their top tips for brides and grooms is to split your organising into five main sections: venue, lighting, sound and décor, entertainment, food and drink and event extras.

By categorising everything you need to sort, not only can you allocate your budget better but you can also work through all the things that need doing methodically and that way, you’re unlikely to miss anything out.


Step into Your Guests’ Shoes


Another top tip from Victoria and Peter at PAVE is to step into your guests’ shoes when planning your day and look at it from their perspective.

As much as your big day is all about you as a couple, you’re going to be inviting all your nearest and dearest to celebrate the day with you, so as much as you have to put your own wants first, if you’re struggling to decide on how to do something, think about what will work for your guests.

You want everyone to have a good time because if your guests are happy, you’re likely to be as well, so when choosing entertainment, food and drink and the extras for the day, keep your guests in mind when making a decision, so that both you as a couple and everyone invited will enjoy the day equally, a recipe for success.


Don’t Be Afraid to Do It Yourself


It might sound counter-productive to do as much of the wedding planning and preparation yourself but one thing that makes a lot of brides and grooms feel stressed is waiting for other people to get jobs done.

With online shops and tools such as the Amazon Handmade Wedding Shop, you can easily sort all of your wedding stationary and décor yourself whilst getting full creative control of how you want everything to look and you can even add as many personal touches as you like.

Designing things like your save the dates and invites yourself online opposed to enlisting a designer can save time, money and stress as you’re likely to feel a lot more relaxed if you know you’ve organised it yourself.


Be Realistic


Wedding planning stress tends to escalate when you start to be unrealistic with both your time and budget, so always try and be realistic when planning.

From whether you’ve really got enough time left to organise a particular element of the day to whether you should actually spend that much of your budget on something, try and look at the bigger picture of your special day, prioritise what really matters and don’t push yourself too far when it comes to time and money because it nearly always ends in disaster.

Whether you fancy yourself as an expert at organising events or not, wedding planning should always be fun, so keep the stresses to a minimum by following these top tips for staying organised.

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